Anne Grussner-Weiss,

Consultant, creative Facilitator and artist

My passion’s source comes from helping discover the wonderful power of art for individuals and groups.


Being familiar with both artistic and economic worlds, I wanted to make them meet in cooperation. My conviction that these two worlds could greatly benefit from each other, was lacking something. After reuniting with a personal artistic experience, I then could fully understand the power of it.

Art is a universal language. Artistic expression reflects the unique caracter (bakarra, in basque language) of each person. It’s a wonderful resource to

  • revive the pleasure of creating and inventing, alone or in a group
  • finding meaning
  • generate original solutions in a complex world
  • speed up cohesion and inclusion in a group

I launched BAKARRA – Art is a Change Maker to facilitate these features  and reach various audiences.    

Professional path

After a career in HR and Communications in a large french company, I have been developing services in France and Switzerland for SMEs, start-ups and cultural projects in helping define their activities for several years. Since 2016, I completed my background with different courses, certifications as well as art practices.

I regularly collaborate with an artists incubator based in Basque Country where my family roots lie. I was also recently commissioned to facilitate creative workshops dedicated to precarious public.
MSc in Economics and Management, BA in Foreign Languages
Certified practitioner in Art Therapy Workshops Facilitation and in MBTI Test
Trained in collaborative intelligence methods (Percolab), creative design (Strate J- CH) and intuitive painting (Peter C. Seibt’s artist studio)
Member of the Board of Administration of Arcad, artists’incubator –